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Tyndale Primary School


Pupil Premium

The 2018/19 Pupil Premium Strategy can be found here.

Sports Premium

As part of the Government’s Olympic Legacy Project, funding of £150 million per annum has been provided to primary schools in order to improve provision of PE and sports. This funding is provided jointly by the Department for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport. This funding is ring-fenced and therefore, can only be spent on provision of PE and sports in schools. Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport but have the freedom to choose how they do this. Below is an outline of how and where this funding has been spent. The impact of the spending has been monitored and outlined below.

The funding allocation was prioritised in the following way:

  • To enable all pupils to have access to high quality teaching of PE
  • To provide professional development for teachers to ensure the high quality of PE teaching
  • To provide the opportunity for all pupils to excel within our enrichment and extra-curricular programme
  • To enable pupils to have the opportunity to participate in inter-school competitions
  • To ensure sports equipment is updated regularly

Full funding received 2020 – 2021: £17,550

  • £2,631 for Character subject leader to develop, promote and maintain a reward system for sporting participation, achievement and excellence within our ‘Character’ programme to raise the profile of PE.
  • Funding has also been spent to allow an experienced, specialist PE member of staff to:

    Plan a bespoke enrichment programme to ensure the high quality of PE provision within the curriculum, which fosters promoting a lifelong love of sport and physical activity, promotes healthy competition and educates our pupils to maintain healthy lifestyles (£1,799).

    Ongoing monitoring of the enrichment programme by evaluating and coaching staff to ensure quality within lessons and the explicit teaching of physical literacy (£5,245).

    Plan and deliver high quality termly CPD sessions which support teachers and TA’s to deliver the enrichment programme with confidence (£899).
  • £500 spent on PE and outdoor equipment
  • £299 for PE subject leader to effectively implement the daily mile (year group routes, risk assessments, ongoing timetabling and promotion).
  • £1,754 to deliver, evaluate and maintain the high quality extra-curricular provision including working collaboratively within the trust to organise inter-school competitions and events.
  • £2,640 for cover enable teachers to attend and supervise all sporting events.
  • £1,783 to provide transport to all sporting events. 

Impact from 2019-20


To ensure all pupils at Tyndale receive high quality PE teaching within the curriculum through our enrichment programme.

Facilitate professional development for teachers to ensure sports provision is delivered to a high level.

We used a CPD and extracurricular package provided by an external local organisation, who provided professional sports coaches to plan and deliver sessions alongside our teachers to increase their PE teaching ability and confidence. We found this provision to be ineffective.

Following a thorough evaluation process, this year we have prioritised the need to increase the quality of PE teaching and the profile of sport at Tyndale through our ‘Character’ education offer. We have set out to achieve this by using an experienced, specialist teaching member of staff to ensure the PE provision within the curriculum (enrichment programme) and by introducing and maintaining a reward system for sporting participation, achievement and excellence.

Enable children to have the opportunity to partake in inter-school competitions.

Within the trust, we worked collaboratively to enable inter-school competitions across a range of sports, including football, netball, swimming, rugby, athletics and tennis.

Staff released to accompany matches

Cover is provided so that the most appropriate staff can be released to attend tournaments, festivals and matches.

Ensure sports equipment is updated regularly 

The school purchased new basketballs, footballs, tennis balls, cones and bibs for PE lessons and some equipment for outdoor use during unstructured times.