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Tyndale Primary School


What time do we need to be at school?

The school day starts at 8:40am for all year groups. Pupils come into their classes and start learning straight away therefore, it is essential that children arrive in school on time and ready to learn.

What happens if I’m late?

It is very important for all children to attend school every day and to arrive on time. Pupils are expected to arrive in good time for when the bell rings at 8:40am. This is essential to ensure that all pupils benefit fully from classroom learning and that other children’s learning is not disrupted. We therefore, have a strict punctuality procedure. When a child arrives after 8:50am, the gates will be closed. Parents will need to take their child to Reception and report them as late and this will be recorded. This process not only enables us to monitor punctuality, but it is essential for fire safety, security and health and safety.

What does my child need in school every day?

It is vital that your children arrive at school with the resources that they need to learn. Pupils in all year groups will need to bring in their reading books every day (more information about our home reading expectations can be found here and details about our reading programme can be found here). Pupils also need to ensure their PE kits are kept in school every day throughout the week and taken home on a Friday to be washed. Years 4, 5 and 6 will need to bring in their planners on a daily basis (more information about planners can be found here). These are essential resources and for pupils in Years 4 - 6, failure to bring in these items will result in a ‘study support’ session at lunchtime led by a senior leader.

Where do I buy the Tyndale uniform?

Monkhouse Schoolwear (formerly Initially Yours). More information about uniform expectations and where to get it can be found here. Our uniform policy can be found here.

What should my child wear for P.E?

Expectations for uniform, including PE kit, can be found in our uniform policy here

Can my child wear jewellery and hair accessories to school?

For safety reasons, children should not wear any jewellery in school except from a wrist watch and, if your child has pierced ears, small studs may be worn. Pupils are not allowed to wear hooped earrings and must remove their small studs for PE lessons or use medical tape to over them. Large, colourful hair bows and extravagant hair accessories such as animal ear headbands should not be worn. 

What do I do if a piece of uniform gets lost?

Please ensure that your child’s clothing is clearly labelled with their full name so that if they lose something it can be returned to them, if found. We have a lost property box in the KS1 school hall.

Can my child walk to and from school alone?

If we receive a written permission from parents/carers which states that they take full parental responsibility, Year 5 and 6 children may walk to and from school alone. Pupils in Reception to Year 4 must be collected by an adult who knows their safeguarding password or a parent/carer. 

Where can my child leave their bike?

A bike shed is provided on both KS1 and KS2 sites.  Children’s bikes and scooters can be kept in it during the school day but left at your own risk. We recommend using a bike lock. 

What are the lunchtime arrangements?

All children in KS1 can currently have a school lunch free of charge. Menus are on a 3-week cycle and are changed each term. The current term’s menu is displayed in the reception area and a copy of it is sent home with pupils each term. More information about school meals can be found here.

How do I see if I am eligible or apply for for free school meals?

Please click here to access information about pupil premium to see if you're eligible for free school meals and how to apply. 

What shall I do if my child is unwell?

If your child is too unwell to attend school. Please telephone the school office on 01454867180 before 9.00am to inform us. We closely monitor attendance and pupil absence, information about our attendance expectations can be found here and our attendance policy can be found here.

What should I do if my child is prescribed medicine?

Parents can arrange to come into school to administer medication to their own children if necessary. Medication for children with asthma, severe allergies etc is kept in the office (and EYFS classrooms). These are given by a first-aid trained member of staff. If a dose of medicine is needed during the day you will need to complete a form in the school office to enable us to give your child their medication. The office staff will not collect children from their classes to give them medicine, so please arrange with the class teacher or classroom teaching assistant to bring your child to the office at the correct time. We can give both prescribed medicines and over-the-counter medicines to your child with your written consent.

Can I take my child out of school during term time?

No. Holidays will not be authorised during term time. Any absences (other than through illness) will be recorded as unauthorised and you may incur a fixed penalty fine and risk your child losing their place at our school.

What do I do if I have worries about my child?

If you need to speak to your child’s teacher the best time is usually at the end of the school day after all the children have been dismissed. If your concern is related to teaching and learning you can contact your child's class teacher via Edmodo (information on how we use Edmodo can be found here) or alternatively, we can also make appointments in the school office for parents/carers to see class teachers or other members of staff.

How can I help my child with their learning at home?

There are lots of things you can do to help with your child's learning. Bringing them to school on time is really important so that they are present for all of their lessons. Arriving late means that your child misses part of their lessons and it is also disruptive for them and the rest of their class. We encourage you to work in partnership with the school by attending parents evenings and events at school. You can also attend the PTA meetings and help organise and run different events and volunteer to attend school trips. Other important ways you can help your child, are by reading all the letters they take home, supporting them with homework, reading together every day for a minimum of 20 minutes in KS1 and 30 minutes in KS2, following us on all social media platforms and generally giving lots of encouragement and praise. You can find more information about how to support your child's learning in the 'Home Learning' section of the Parents and Pupils tab. 

Can my child bring toys to school?

Pupils should not bring toys and collectables (e.g. football cards) into school, unless the class teacher has specifically requested this. Before bringing in a toy, please always check with the class teacher. 

What after school clubs are there?

We have a range of activities your child can access after school. These will be shared with you on a termly basis. The expectation is that if you sign up for a club you commit to attending this club during its course.  From September 2021 The Oaks will be running an out of school club, details are below.

I have some free time - how can I help?

We value any adult support at Tyndale Primary. If you would like to volunteer please ask at the main office and they will support with necessary paperwork. We are very appreciative of any time you can spare.