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Tyndale Primary School

10 Reasons to Attend Tyndale

Think you know Tyndale?

Tyndale Primary School became a member of the Greenshaw Learning Trust in June 2019. You may not know that following this, a new leadership team were appointed from September 2019. 

This is what our Parents are saying about the changes:

"The school has changed for the best. Everything has improved."

"I really like the high standards introduced, particularly uniform and behaviour. I'm impressed with the professionalism of staff."

"Children are taught as individuals, not as a class."

"It's fantastic to see excellent behaviour being rewarded."

"It's lovely to see time set aside for reading every day and learning being disruption-free."

"I like how approachable the teachers are if I have any concerns."

10 Reasons to Attend Tyndale:

1. Disruption-free classrooms

2. All feedback impacts on learning

3. Daily teaching of reading - 75 minutes 

4. Character/Enrichment offer which puts sport, cultural studies, performing arts at the heart of what we do

5. Feeder school for Yate Academy from Year 6 2021 cohort  

6. Excellent behaviour is rewarded 

7. Recognition of going 'Above and Beyond' 

8. Aspirations seeded for higher education

9. Deliberate teaching of self-study skills

10. Experienced inspirational leadership


If you haven't visited Tyndale for a while, if you want to meet the new leadership team or if you just want to see the improved changes for yourself, please come and see us!