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Tyndale Primary School

Reading Programme

At Tyndale Primary School, we prioritise developing an embedded culture which fosters a love of reading. Teaching a child to read is our primary focus alongside developing a love of reading in order to open the doors of learning which books offer. Reading has now become a core part of everyday life at Tyndale.


A growing number of studies show that promoting reading can have a major impact on children and adults and their future success. 

Research has found that pupils who love reading had:

  • higher scores on the cognitive and social/attitudinal competencies

  • consistently higher scores in mathematics, reading, logical problem-solving and attitude

  • higher average scores for engagement in school, positive communication and relations with family, and positive friendships

  • showed less risky behaviour

  • higher levels of motivation towards school.

Those who did not enjoy reading were more likely to be:

  • heavier television watchers over time

  • exposed to bullying experiences

  • seen by teachers as having difficult classroom behaviour at age 12

  • less likely to complete their homework

  • less likely to be enthusiastic about going to school.

(The Growing Independence: Summary of Key Findings from the Competent Learners at 14 Project report)

Our Reading Programme

Our unique and inspiring reading programme gives our pupils the opportunity to read classic literature every day. Within the timetabled day, there is 75 minutes of deliberate teaching of reading. By the end of year 6, our pupils will have read an extensive number of books with challenging themes and vocabulary.

As part of the reading programme at Tyndale Primary we have adopted ‘DEAR’ (drop everything and read) time. Where every pupil spends the last 20 minutes of every day following their own copy of a book whilst the teachers read aloud, demonstrating fluency, expression, intonation and a passion for the enjoyment of reading. When you walk around the building during DEAR time, there is a sense of calm and focus as pupils enjoy their latest book and ensure that every second of the school day counts.

This reading programme has really helped to increase literacy levels but also to develop a lifelong love for reading in our pupils.

DEAR Time Example

Below, is a playlist of videos to further demonstrate how DEAR Time might look like from the perspective of a Year 6 Tyndale pupil. Each video has a link in the description to a comprehensive quiz for pupils to access after they've finished reading to assess their understanding. These videos were created to allow our reading programme to continue throughout the school closure.

Link: Example of Year 6 DEAR Time

Reading Lists

Below, you can find a suggested reading list we strongly recommend to parents when purchasing books for their children. We also hold a copy of each title in this list at school in our library for pupils to select during reading for pleasure time.