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Tyndale Primary School



Lessons at Tyndale Primary School are disruption-free. Our behaviour policy supports our belief that:

“No child has the right to disrupt the learning of others. Teachers will have disruption free classrooms in which they can teach and children will have disruption free classrooms in which they can learn.”

“No child has the right to disrupt the breaktime or lunchtime of others. Children and Staff will have disruption free break times and lunchtimes in which they feel safe.”

Pupils who regularly meet our behaviour expectations are offered exceptional rewards at the end of term. Some examples of the rewards we offer are:

  • Bouncy Castle
  • Inflatable Obstacle Course
  • Rock Climbing Wall

Our behaviour policy can be found here.


At Tyndale Primary, every second counts.

Our expectation is for all pupils to be in school, all day, every day with a minimum attendance of 96%. High levels of consistently high attendance and improved attendance are rewarded regularly. We fully support our parents and carers to ensure their children have an attendance figure of 96% or higher. 

Our attendance policy can be found here.


We believe that children who take care and pride in the way they look also take pride in their learning. All Tyndale pupils must identify with the professional school dress code as this fosters a sense of belonging and pride. We ask for parental co-operation in ensuring that pupils are suitably dressed in the correct school uniform all day, every day.

Our uniform policy can be found here.